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Summer has come and gone all too quickly, but we've had great fun checking out the cream of this year's festival offerings. We'll be looking to continue this by picking select events to attend and give our opinion on throughout the rest of 2008 and into 2009...

The aim is to always provide you with a unique view of the festival you won't find anywhere else and cover the artists that you want to hear about.

For this year's published festival reviews, click on the logos below
or choose an event from the menu on the left

Gatecrasher 2008 Review
Glade 2008 Review
The Big Chill 2008 Review
Bestival 2008 ReviewBrighton City Festival 2008 Review

You can see what other events we have planned by clicking the icon below...

Virtual Festivals have invited us to review some more events for them in the future too, so you'll be able to catch up on all the latest news and line-up info for these, and in fact any other festival, all in one place...

And a full gallery of images from this year's festival season, along with all the other events and festivals we attended last year can be viewed here

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